VIDEO: Videolicious – Enterprise Account

By Sally Goldberg Powell Videolicious – Enterprise Account As a student in the School of Journalism, you have access to the enterprise version of Videolicious, a video editing app used by many news outlets. In this video, learn how to use this version of the app to create news items with voice overs, interview clips […]

VIDEO: Photoshop Selections

Image cutouts are a common building block in a wide variety of projects, from print layouts, infographics, and animated video. In this video, learn how to use selection selection tools in Photoshop to create clean and refined cutouts optimized for on-screen projects. By Sally Goldberg Powell

VIDEO: Basics of Charts and Graphs – Google Sheets

Understanding how to work with large datasets is the first step in creating effective visualizations using charts and graphs. This video demonstrates how to focus, sort, filter, tally, and use functions in Google Sheets in order to turn a large dataset into a smaller, more focussed one that can tell a story. By Sally Goldberg […]

VIDEO: Continuity, montage, and broadcast news – the language of editing

Just like the written word, video editing is a language with its own structure and grammatical rules. Through a series of listicles and examples, learn the language of editing in three common styles: continuity editing for storytelling, montage editing for creating a mood or condensing time, and broadcast news editing with its unique features focused on […]

VIDEO: Premiere Pro – Montage Editing for Slideshows

This tutorial will take you through the process of montage editing and best practices for creating a slideshow in Adobe Premiere Pro.  You will learn about matching audio to pictures, adding focus, and pacing. By Sally Goldberg Powell Click here to download the Simple Slideshow template Example of completed project: