VIDEO: Premiere Pro – Montage Editing for Slideshows

This tutorial will take you through the process of montage editing and best practices for creating a slideshow in Adobe Premiere Pro.  You will learn about matching audio to pictures, adding focus, and pacing. By Sally Goldberg Powell Click here to download the Simple Slideshow template Example of completed project:

VIDEO: Premiere Pro – Exporting a video for WordPress

The final step in the editing process is to create the appropriate video file for your project. This depends on where and how you plan on using the video. This tutorial shows the steps needed to create a video for uploading to WordPress that will be viewable on desktop and mobile devices. By Sally Goldberg Powell

VIDEO: Premiere Pro Basic Editing for Journalists

This video dives into the process of editing a basic news item, and includes fundamental skills using Premiere Pro, as well as common editing techniques and terminology. This video is part two of a three-part series on how to edit at Ryerson School of Journalism. Please make sure you have watched part one of the […]