VIDEO: Premiere Pro – Exporting a video for WordPress

The final step in the editing process is to create the appropriate video file for your project. This depends on where and how you plan on using the video. This tutorial shows the steps needed to create a video for uploading to WordPress that will be viewable on desktop and mobile devices. By Sally Goldberg Powell

VIDEO: Premiere Pro Basic Editing for Journalists

This video dives into the process of editing a basic news item, and includes fundamental skills using Premiere Pro, as well as common editing techniques and terminology. This video is part two of a three-part series on how to edit at Ryerson School of Journalism. Please make sure you have watched part one of the […]

VIDEO: Setting up Premiere Pro with the Year 2 Basic Template

When video editing, most technical problems can be traced back to setting up a project incorrectly. By following the instructions in this video, you can learn to avoid these problems and have a more successful editing experience. This video is part one of a three-part series that will take you through editing with Premiere Pro […]

JRN 314 Supplemental – Using the TOV template

This quck guide will take you through the steps of creating a TOV project for JRN 314. These text-heavy videos are intended for upload to social media sites, and in this case, the final product is uploaded to a closed facebook group. By Sally Goldberg Powell  

VIDEO: – Infographic basics

This video shows the basics of turning data into easy to understand charts and graphs using It also goes over how to take information from a large dataset and isolate it into a spreadsheet with either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and how to ensure you create a file compatible with By Sally […]

VIDEO: First Steps Towards Fabulous Visuals

This introductory video introduces basic visual concepts which are applicable to both video and photography. Topics covered include shot composition and lighting techniques. These first steps will get you started on your journey to visual excellence. Next stop – fabulous! By Gary Gould