Ryersonian Web Video Supplemental

This manual takes you through how to use the Ryersonian Web Video template in Premiere Pro, including adding animated titles and using the custom Title Styles, as well as tips for creating effective short web videos that are ideal for sharing through social media. By Sally Goldberg Powell

VIDEO: Pixlr Compositing – Part 1 – Building Components

Using the free Pixlr web app and other free web tools, you can create components to build a custom infographic. This video focuses on using selection tools, adjustments and layer styles to make components out of images collected during the planning process. It also shows how to save files from two popular graphics tools – […]

VIDEO: Infographic Planning

Getting the most out of the free Pixlr web app by combining various components into one infographic can be very effective – if you have a plan. Learn what decisions you need to make before starting an infographic project, how to collect and organize your files, and see an example of how to create a […]

Creating Progressive Boards with Photoshop

A progressive board creates the illusion that a series of points are being revealed, one at a time, on a full-screen graphic. Essentially, it is several graphics, placed side by side on a timeline, or played live one after another. The secret is a background that remains constant, while each graphic reveals another line of […]