INTERVIEW: Celebrating Black Canadian Women for Black History Month

By Zena Salem — Black history month is here. And Canada has chosen a new theme for 2018. It’s celebrating Black Canadian women. Suzanne Nyaga is the Ryerson Students Union’s first black female president. She sat down with Toronto Today’s Zena Salem. Zena Salem, a third-year journalism student produced this item for Toronto Today as part of their […]

INTERVIEW: 6ix Clicks Collective Exhibit

  By Bryce Turner, Lisa Cumming and Andrea Gambardella — The Focus on Gerrard photo exhibit opened this month at the Riverdale Gallery. 6ix Clicks Collective showcases portraits and quotes of the people who live and work along the Little India portion of Gerrard Street East. Lisa Cumming spoke with David Williams of 6ix Clicks. Bryce Turner, […]

INTERVIEW: Black History Month – A time to reflect

By Michelle Song, Daniel Marino, Isabella Perrone— February is black history month; the time we highlight the importance of the issues that the black community faces today. With racial tensions growing across North America Michelle Song talked to Olisya Green, president of the Ryerson Caribbean Student Association. Michelle Song, Daniel Marino and Isabella Perrone, third-year journalism students produced this […]

INTERVIEW: Addressing Islamophobia on Campus

  By Jenny Zhen, Heather Stewart, Julie Do — The vice president from the Ryerson Muslim Student Association, Youssef Helmy, speaks to our Jenny Zhen about Islamophobia on campus and the world. Jenny Zhen, Heather Stewart and Julie Do, third-year journalism students produced this item for Toronto Today as part of their Reporting for TV Workshop class.

INTERVIEW: Raising awareness for refugees

By Alexandria Lee, Noella Ovid and Noushin Ziafati, — What’s it like to be a refugee from Iraq or Syria? A group of students from the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union are trying to find out. They are camping out at Ryerson, raising funds as a part of their annual charity event, called “Life of a […]

Young child in a field surrounded by pumpkins

FEATURE: Whittamore’s Farm: The great pumpkin patch

By Noushin Ziafati, Hayley Walsh and Noella Ovid — Picking pumpkins is a fun family tradition. For years, Whittamore’s Farm has been hosting families from all over the GTA. Toronto Today’s Noushin Ziafati has the story. Noushin Ziafati and Noella Ovid, third-year journalism students and Hayley Walsh, forth year journalism student,  produced this item for Toronto Today as part of their […]

INTERVIEW: Traveling with a purpose: Alternative Spring Break at Ryerson

  By Emma Kimmerly, Mallory Warren,  and Shawntae Harris  — Caitlin Russel is a project coordinator with Ryerson’s Alternative Spring Break student group which travels the world. She sat down in studio with Toronto Today’s Shawntae Harris, to talk about her worldwide volunteering. Emma Kimmerly, Mallory Warren,  and Shawntae Harris, third-year journalism students produced this item for […]