Living the dream: One new Canadian’s success story

  By Yara Kashlan, Kanwal Rafiq, and Devan Leblanc — He is the President and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, a Halal restaurant chain that started here in the GTA. As an immigrant to Canada, Mohamad Fakih worked hard to build a brand that now spans more than 10 locations and counting.  Yara Kashlan, Kanwal Rafiq, […]

Carl Cosack: I fought the mine, and I won.

  By Alex Heck, Chayonika Chandra, and Shane Perusse — Carl Cosack is the spokesperson for Food and Water First, a group that fought and won, against a proposal for one of North America’s largest open pit mines. He is the former spokesperson for NDACT, North Dufferin Agricultural Community Taskforce, which led the Stop the Quarry […]

Ketzia Sherman: Making a statement one stitch at a time

By Jordan Mady, Samantha Tapp, and Nick Voiadzis — Ryerson student, Ketzia Sherman sat down in studio to talk about Embroidered Bodies, an exhibit she’ll be entering at  this year’s Mass Exodus. Mass Exodus is the world-renowned fashion show put on by Ryerson University’s senior fashion students.  Jordan Mady, Samantha Tapp, and Nick Voiadzis, third-year journalism students produced this […]

Moments in time: Young photographer’s passion captures her parents’ love story

  By Tiffany Crawford, Katie O’Toole and Melinna Miranda — Not everyone gets to live their parents’ love story with them. But Toronto-based photographer Halima Jama did. And now she gets to share their story with the world at an exhibit happening at the AGO. She sat down with Toronto Today’s Tiffany Crawford.  Tiffany Crawford, Katie O’Toole and Melinna Miranda, third-year journalism […]

SocialLIGHT brings young entrepreneurs to Toronto

By Lee North, Bella Kim, and Lexie Hinde — SocialLIGHT is the only conference of its kind in Canada. It focuses on empowering and inspiring young entrepreneurs. They’re able to interact with guest speakers while networking with other entrepreneurs. It happens annually in Toronto and Vancouver. Toronto is hosting this year’s event on November 22nd. Theresa […]