The refugee experience through art

  By Lauren Malyk, Alexandria Pankratz and Michal Stolarczyk — Alexandria Pankratz spoke with Francisco-Fernando Granados, a performance artist taking part in Nuit Blanche 2015. Granados exhibit “refugees run the sea…” plays off of a popular line “refugees run the seas because we own our own boats” from Shakira’s song Hips Don’t Lie. His work changed […]

Rise of the Rams

This is a documentary produced by final year students, for the TV Documentary course. Reporter: Ryan McKenna Exec Producer: Rebecka Calderwood Camera: Alexis Allison Researcher: Samantha Sobolewski Editor :Armen Bedakian This video features the songs used under the Creative Commons licesne agreement: Fight the Sea by Josh Woodward – Enders by Blue Dot Sessions […]

Moments in time: Young photographer’s passion captures her parents’ love story

  By Tiffany Crawford, Katie O’Toole and Melinna Miranda — Not everyone gets to live their parents’ love story with them. But Toronto-based photographer Halima Jama did. And now she gets to share their story with the world at an exhibit happening at the AGO. She sat down with Toronto Today’s Tiffany Crawford.  Tiffany Crawford, Katie O’Toole and Melinna Miranda, third-year journalism […]